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Remember When

Creating an application which unveils the hidden story behind historical buildings, events and locations of significance. User location is tracked via GPS and as they approach a location marked on the map, it will be 'unlocked'. Once unlocked, a pop-up with information about the location will be ...

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Empowered Communities

1. EMPOWER - Our idea is to empower the communities and to improve their engagement with councils. 2. CONNECT - Our idea also connects different community members through events and activities to improve their health and well-being. 3. ENABLE - Our idea also enable the councils to make better ...

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Health +

Health+ Is an application/service that is a downloadable to mobile devices, its intent is to improve the response of emergency medical services to the public, the GUI would be built so it would be easy for the user to understand and operate effectively. The layout has 5 buttons; maps, user manual...

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Open Data portal

Data portal with better API and data format support

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Our idea is basically an app that shows you jobs in any area and the level of education a job needs, how easy it is to get employed, what the cap of pay is, how often are raises, what working hours there are and where the jobs are most common. Besides from that it also shows the available jobs wi...

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Project 268

EIntroducing easyRider - More flow, less stress. A #govhack2018 submission from the Digital Hub crew in Peregian Beach to ease traffic and congestion in the Noosa shire.

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Create web app which visualizes the locations of safety data, cctv and public lighting, receives warnings and feedback to be sent to authorities, and features a distress signal function.

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Urban Hob·art

The city of Hobart is fortunate enough to host an impressive collection of urban artwork, which is noticed and admired by locals and visitors alike on a daily basis. However, these diverse pieces of artwork are often difficult to locate, and are lacking additional context about the artists, and ...

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Everyday Active

### Overview We live in congested cities and can struggle to find the time to keep ourselves healthy. Why can't a little exercise be a normal part of our everyday lives? ### Commuting Commuting by car is both sedentary and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Research has also shown that...

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Our Place

Our Place is a virtual mural that has been created with data collated from various data sets. The aim is to create a reflection of individual community issues such as homelessness, littering, air pollution and even the possibility of disasters and the communities resilience can be displayed. T...

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Go Now App

The application proposed will have a simple and easy to use design, display data to aid bike users. The goals of this application are to, Encourage cycling to improve health and well-being of locals and reduce emissions. Make travelling less stressful, and allow accessibility for all required inf...

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Plastic Pollution's Affect on Marine Life

So you've heard of spuds powering computers, but have you heard of spuds coding computers?

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# Weather2Go Description We designed an App for weather. It informs the users how to do with the incoming weather, make them understand weather and change their behaviour for better health. ## Problem Space ### 1. Who cares about UV? - People always ignore the harmful weather Some w...

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an attractive, innovative and interactive smart rubbish disposal unit, designed to address the needed culture change that will lead us into an advanced, pristine and sustainable future. Trash Talk displays a fitted digital LCD that educates and prompts communities to use and sort wa...

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#Healthy Australia ###Who we are *** A team of five men with a passion... a dream... a hope to build a better connected, healthier Australia! ###What is GovLeave? *** A government managed platform to mediate the negotiation of sick leave between employers and employees in a fair and transpa...

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Yerrabi is intended to encourage people to be more active by taking away reservations about convenience, challenge and timing. By utilising geospatial data supplied by the ACT Government in addition to crowdsourced data, Yerrabi allows Canberrans the option to either follow known trails or ’blaze...

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Boundless connections

Our poject aims to bridge communities together and encourage active lifestyles by paring carers/volunteers with aged and disable.

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Community Skin Health

Created a image classifying application to enable users to interact with a pre-trained model which gave them guidance on possible skin conditions. The application is designed to supplement existing government data sets to get valuable insights on community health trends. It also allows the comm...

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Safer Evacuations

In urban emergency situations it can be challenging for first responders to coordinate their information with each other, and with the local community, to identify the safest evacuation routes out of the area. <BR> ![The Tiny Happy People Hacking](http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn262/Aceydu...

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Clean city

We are designing an app that combines spatial information about several sorts of waste management facilities in one easily accessible spot on your phone. The app inlcudes the location of: - publically accessible bins (green, recycling and landfill) - publically accessible toilets - bin collec...

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CrowdQuests is a game which has quests and missions to encourage physical activity and learning about points of interests. The quests are designed for: &nbsp;<br/> * Learning about locations * Crowdsourcing data updates * Crowdsourcing new information * Knowledge about problems * Encourag...

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Our application provides a platform for community consultation about public facilities and points of interest. It provides data on existing infrastructure and allows users to create additional observations. bVocal also allows users to engage in Geo-location specific dialogue to promote community ...

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Our vision is to bring communities closer together by providing a common digital space that community members can use to organise events around public spaces. When jumping on the notice website, a user can sign up or log into an exisiting account to post new cards, or they can use the map to bro...

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Our goal is to improve the health and lifestyle of people using our application. Using open data such as public facility locations and health surveys. SparkLife is an application that allows everyday people to improve their health and well-being through a series of recommendations for physical ex...

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👟 Active Cities 👟

Active Cities aims at encouraging people to exercise, socialise and to discover their local city. It provides the user with information regarding a variety of activity types, from going for a walk in a nearby park to exploring a local museum - catering for a variety of personal preferences.

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Project HackYeah 2018!

Looking to Learn about BigData, OpenData Sets, data visualisation and interpretation.

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Trash 4 Cash

A gamified way to clean up rubbish (litter). This app is part of an initiative to get people to pick up rubbish and clean up.

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Congestion Management System

We will use historic data sets that cover parking duration/occupancy, pedestrian traffic, congestion maps, and air quality, to establish a base line for congestion in the Noosa’s Hastings Street area. We will then develop vehicle counters to collect data in real time, to provide a live feed on ca...

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# DiscoVR We believe that to live a healthy and active lifestyle is to embody the spirit of adventure. DiscoVR allows users to live out new adventures around Australia in a VR environment, before living them out in the real world. DiscoVR empowers Australians to make better decisions, all...

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Aussie Animal Scavenger Hunt

<p>Aussie Animal Scavenger Hunt (AASH) is an educational product that will have kids learning an Indigenous language while adventuring outdoors searching for animals.</p> <br /><br /> <p>Scavenger Guides (such as teachers, parents or carers) can use our website to print out Animal Scavenger Hun...

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Trendhound lets users search a keyword of interest across Twitter, Google News and public datasets. The dashboard displays relevant tweets across the country and relevant news articles. It highlights facts at the states and territory level from relevant datasets. It allows users to quickly ...

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Markdown is our project which is both an open api platform and a proof of concept application built on this platform. **SSApi Open Data Platform** SSApi is an open data platform built using existing open data sets. It allows any organisation or individual to query for senior and companion c...

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With our capital cities overflowing, it's time for a mass sea change. Use Reloqtr to set your preferences and be connected to the hottest Australian towns and suburbs in regional areas. Goodbye morning commute!

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Data is not the key to the future. Data does not define success. The key to the future, what defines success, is people. We are a data integration platform tailored for the healthcare industry, standardising the way health data is shared and incentivising collaboration between hospitals, res...

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The Darwin Heatsync Project

The Darwin Heatsync Project is all about harnessing the power of citizen science to drive solutions for a cooler, healthier, more connected and more economically viable Darwin.

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Connected - Councils Connecting Community

'Connected' is a cost effective platform that councils can provide to residents, linking them directly with community groups, clubs and support services in their local area. The 'Connected' concept takes the form of an interactive, self-serve kisok that will be hosted in council libraries so t...

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Project 4680

Community solution that reduces litter, creates healthier communities and increases regional development.

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“Responder” is a community platform (website) that connects the members of the community to help each other in a disaster and facilitates to coordinate efforts from NGOs and government. Data is used for preparing for a disaster, acting efficiently when is happening, and learning from it to build...

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Healthy Communities - Fitness and Community Portal

In this project we seek to create a map based website app which informs the community of fitness related events and venues in their local area. The app also provides a forum for people to meet to help support each other for mutual support.

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Trailen is an app, connecting those who know history with those who want to know about the history. From city to country, Trailen provides networking opportunities for both locals and tourists, allowing them to be educated orally about where they are face to face. Adelaide, South Australia and Au...

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#Watch our entry video [Click here to watch our entry video](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1croDbkCD4-CM5u3EXbcMFOqKz8f29_nc/view) ![alt text](https://media.giphy.com/media/deyTNzeBkIjaIFjLM7/giphy.gif "MyCity") ___ ## The Problem: According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a...

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Searching to Build

We believe that access to real-time data will aid disaster relief services and assist in the rebuilding and management of past present and future assets. We believe that in emergencies, consistency is key. Consistency in data and communication holds the keys to successful asset management and mo...

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Personalised Health Care Made Easy

When it comes to any disorder or disability treatment, one size does not fit all. Millions of patients who will be diagnosed with any particular disorder, no two will be exactly the same plus the patients come from different background, age, gender, lifestyle, support so on which they need person...

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Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward NT is the platform for acts of kindness in the Northern Territory.

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MyGov Connect

An expanded concept of the MyGov platform. MyGov Connect, would promote users to engage in government and local council endorsed services. These services would be provided with an accreditation to inform users of this endorsement. Furthermore, use of these services will users to accrue loyalty po...

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Save life with data

Intent of this project is to help Australian medical society.This works by collecting different types of medical data and generating insight of the medical situation location wise and helping them to arrive at intelligent solution.

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The Papa Project - Helping Oldies be Goldies

How can we help councils work through opportunities brought about by the growing population in Australia? In 2016-17 $17.4billion was spent by governments on aged care however people and their family in this senior age range often are unaware of all the services and programs available to them. ...

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