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'Connected' is a cost effective platform that councils can provide to residents, linking them directly with community groups, clubs and support services in their local area.

The 'Connected' concept takes the form of an interactive, self-serve kisok that will be hosted in council libraries so that it is accessible to the whole community.

'Connected' is based on datasets that list all the many community groups and services available in a council's area. The program used by the touch screen kisok computer takes this list and makes it user friendly by taking a person through a series of prompts to connect them to the most relevant community group or service.

'Connected' has the potential to improve the mental health and physical wellbeing of citizens, and in doing so lower the downstream costs of health and social services. Most importantly 'Connected' has the ability to help councils connect individuals, families and carers, building a stronger and happier community.

Data Story

The main dataset we used is the South Australian Community Services Directory, an unordered list of community services and groups available in different regions of SA. The data is presented in a very simple Excel format, and gives details of the organistation's address, phone numbers, website and basic services/interest areas they cover (eg couselling, support group, sporting group).

We have taken this data and used a system to organise it in such a way that the general public can easily find the groups and services that suit their particular needs by answering a set of questions/prompts via an interactive touch screen program.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers

Description of Use This data set was used to ensure community groups and services relevant to cares were included in our 'Connected' interactive kiosk program.

Data Set

South Australian Community Services Directory

Description of Use The data set on which we based our idea of taking a very simple list of community organisations and their contact details, and making it easy for community members to search a and find the group or service most relevant to them.

Data Set

SA Community for Mount Gambier

Description of Use The specific data set on which we based our project,for the Mount Gambier region. We took this very simple list of community organisations and their contact details, and turned into an interactive, user friendly resource for community members.

Data Set

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