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When it comes to any disorder or disability treatment, one size does not fit all. Millions of patients who will be diagnosed with any particular disorder, no two will be exactly the same plus the patients come from different background, age, gender, lifestyle, support so on which they need personalised advice to suit their lifestyle.

Our project “Personalized Healthcare Made Easy” is about identifying patients who may be eligible for appropriate treatment options and activities that could help them to maintain and overcome their disorder. Any other individuals that are in risk of getting particular disorder due to the family history or other reasons could also use Personalised Healthcare Made Easy to get personalised advice re diet, exercise so on to reduce the risk.

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South Australian Monitoring and Surveillance System: Target, Trends at a glance & Indicator reports

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Health worker density and distribution

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haracteristics of people using mental health services and prescription medication, 2011

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SASP Target 85 - Chronic Diseases

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