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Health+ Is an application/service that is a downloadable to mobile devices, its intent is to improve the response of emergency medical services to the public, the GUI would be built so it would be easy for the user to understand and operate effectively. The layout has 5 buttons; maps, user manual, self-diagnosis, live chat and settings. The map feature activates an emergency SOS feature that is detectable via your network provider, certified people who are trained for first aid will be able to sign up and will be able to receive and respond to nearby signals. The user manual to help guide users who are unsure how to use the application, self-diagnosis is flow chart system would show users what they could do based on the symptoms that a person could potentially display, showing the various options on what to do. Live chat calls up a GP that gives advice and assistance for people who don’t have general medical knowledge. The data used for the project would be traffic digest and traffic signal sites in order to get the fastest response times for EMS and to focus on what condition of the traffic for the people who choose to respond through the application. The target audience for this product is for people who either want to help the public when in need or people who are prone to injury or have shown medical problems in the past. But is still a handy item to have for people outside of the target audience. The result of this concept could lead to potential development and decrease the rate of fatalities due to injury and disease around the globe and would make it easier to respond to emergencies and how to help people in need sooner.

Data Story

We are using traffic digest data and traffic signal sites data sets from the Australian Government.


Team DataSets

Traffic Digest

Description of Use We need this for fast response times for EMS.

Data Set

Traffic Signal Sites

Description of Use We need to focus on traffic within our apps.

Data Set

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