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Our Place is a virtual mural that has been created with data collated from various data sets. The aim is to create a reflection of individual community issues such as homelessness, littering, air pollution and even the possibility of disasters and the communities resilience can be displayed.

The website uses post code to search for data and show it through the display. The display was created in mind of using billboards around the cities and communities to promote knowledge of issues and raise awareness. The website fetches the live data feed to make sure the project is constantly up to date so that the community can see the changes they make.

We focused on mashing up multiple data sets and the assets to display those metrics to showcase our vision, over getting the proof of concept website working end to end on a server (especially given it is an optional element and we had no funds to host a website) this resulted in the code base containing all the assets and data pooling systems required but not a polished fully functional site, shortcuts where taken.

Data Story

We use the number of litter items in Queensland data set to show the community the state of the issue around their community. The digital mural reflects the amount of litter through images, this is done by grabbing the litter items per 1000sqm data, we would have loved this to be broken down into smaller regions but we still feel it is relevant to each community.

We use the disaster data set "Queensland resilience" to reflect how the community bounces back from natural disasters such as floods, bush fires and cyclones.

The Sunny Coast data set "Community markets" is used to show when Markets are held by showing several tents on the mural.

We use the science data set of air quality monitoring represented by the smog in the background of our mural. We do this by polling the live data feed.

The AIHW data set is used to show homeless figures throughout the different states. This is represented by figures sleeping through the park in the mural, we struggled with this data set due to the format.

The weather data set was used to make the mural more relate-able to the community, it was represented by different weather graphics.

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