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Creating an application which unveils the hidden story behind historical buildings, events and locations of significance. User location is tracked via GPS and as they approach a location marked on the map, it will be 'unlocked'. Once unlocked, a pop-up with information about the location will be revealed, including old photos, history and other user stories surrounding the site. Users will be encouraged to discover and unlock further areas through tracking of their statistics and milestones such as discovering entire towns or suburbs.

Please note: Prototype has only been coded with locations from the town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia at this point. When using the 'source code URL section' Please direct the map to Kalgoorlie for a demonstration of use.

Data Story

Primary datasets were sourced from and Trove gives an in depth database of documentation surrounding various Australian places, people and events. The register gives a list of heritage listed sites in Australia. Combined we are able to pair large amounts of historical data to GPS coordinates on a map, allowing users to easily visit these sites with in depth relevant information at hand. Not only will visitors learn the story of historical sites, as a stretch goal we are aiming to create an environment where users can add their own stories to sites, adding first hand accounts to historical records on site.

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Team DataSets

Trove - Historical Articles

Description of Use Original images and texts are sourced from it to be used to describe landmarks that users visit.

Data Set

Heritage Council WA State register

Description of Use Used to locate heritage listed buildings and sites for our map.

Data Set

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