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Data portal with better API and data format support

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Any dataset from Trello NT data box. Health Budget expenditure database used for data trail for API server

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Open data portal

Description of Use Used for testing parts of the API

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Description of Use Used to find the available off-street parking bays available and area occupied by the parking lots.

Data Set

CBD Parking Spaces

Description of Use Analysed to find the no of parking bays available and space occupied by the parking bays.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

You're Not Alone: Teen Health Challenge

How can teens and youth in the Northern Territory seek and become aware of the availability of health services?

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Healthy Communities Challenge

How might we assist councils to build healthier and stronger communities?

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New Engaging Ways to connect to upcoming NTG Open Data Portal

The NTG is building a traditional open data portal, but how can it be used to its fullest potential?

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Innovating parking in Darwin City

Parking in Darwin city is a hot topic! How do we find the balance between providing parking for workers, visitors and city residents? How can smart data help with parking, or encouraging other, greener modes of transport and access into the city?

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Make Darwin the coolest city around

Both locals and visitors have many reasons to love Darwin, and a big reason being for its tropical weather. The Darwin climate is perfect for engaging in recreational activities on the water and in the outback. However, this same weather makes it difficult to enjoy visits into the Darwin CBD.

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Bounty: Making open data more open.

How can open data be presented on to make it easier and friendlier to use? Does this mean making it more similar to using standard search engines, like Google, or something else entirely?

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