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The Uncivil Engineers

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4 members with unpublished profiles.

Project Description

The application proposed will have a simple and easy to use design, display data to aid bike users. The goals of this application are to, Encourage cycling to improve health and well-being of locals and reduce emissions. Make travelling less stressful, and allow accessibility for all required information within one easy to use app and finally increase tourism in local areas due to the ease of trip planning.

The application design will start at the home screen where users will be able to use the search bar to find a destination. Once the location is set specific Cloud cover provided by the Bureau of Meteorology will be transparent, showing users an initial overview of the area to decide whether they want to travel by car should the weather be too bad.

Then the user will be able to select their travel route with information related to Flooding, congestion, roadworks, and other special events being shown on the map trough data from QLDTraffic GeoJSON.

Since our primary focus is on encouraging bike travel, data from the Principle Cycle Network will provide cycle pathways as well as travel time. For those wishing to track their exercise goals, average calories burned for the selected cycle route will be calculated and clearly displayed within the application screen. Bubblers, taps and other public water features will also be displayed along their route and are accessed from the Sunshine Coast Council for the local area.

Data Story

The data used in the project serves two primary transportation purposes, car and other vehicle travel and cycling. The QLDtraffic, QLDweather and air pollution datasets displayed in a user friendly fashion on the app assists the app user in deciding whether to use the bike or car for travelling. Whereas, the cycle network, drinking fountain and national maps datasets working in tandem conveniently assists the app user in planning their cycling route.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

National Maps

Description of Use This dataset was used in conjunction with the cycling network and taps datasets to create idea cycling paths.

Data Set

QLD Weather Radar Sites

Description of Use This data was used within the application to notify users of current and possible weather conditions within their locality and on their specified route. Hence this can be used to notify users if the weather is suitable for bike riding or if it would be more suitable to use another mode of transport.

Data Set

Average Bicycle Counts by Day and Hour

Description of Use This data was used within the application to notify bike users of possible peak times for bike use within their location and their specified route.

Data Set

Hourly Air Quality data

Description of Use The live air quality data for Queensland is used within the app to notify and display the air quality within the location of the user. Thus they can view this information to make a decision as to whether they want to use their bike in the current air quality situation.

Data Set

Principal cycle network - Queensland

Description of Use This dataset was used to identify cycling routes throughout the Sunshine Coast, to illustrate potential cycling route.

Data Set


Description of Use Used to notify users of possible traffic issues and current traffic conditions within the area and their specified route. This allows the user to avoid largely congested roads and choose a different route with less traffic if possible.

Data Set

Taps, Drinking Fountains, Showers in Outooor areas SCC

Description of Use This dataset was used in tandem with the cycling lanes in the Sunshine Coast to display optimal cycling routes.

Data Set

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