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Pay it Forward NT is the platform for acts of kindness in the Northern Territory.

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Regional internal migration Stats

Description of Use The data was used to show that the population turn over (or internal migration) is significantly higher in the territory that in other states. Of 92598 migrants (internal, not from overseas) in the March quarter 2017, 3,325​ moved from (3.6%) and 4,384 (4.7%) moved to the NT, even though the population of the NT only represents of 1% of the population of Australia. Our app can be used to help migrants with transport and general help (that might not have family of friends around, and might in financial difficulty).

Data Set

National Health Services Directory (NHSD) (Point) 2017

Description of Use When someone needs transport to a health facility, the app will let users pick a health facility from a list, instead of having to input an address.

Data Set

City of Darwin Open Data Hub - Parks and Facilities Application

Description of Use It's used in the app to list community locations (eg sporting facilities, parks, etc...) when people need to arrange transport to a location, without having to enter an address.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Protecting our Carers

How can we motivate young carers to search out information on and engage with supports and services early in their caring journey, rather than when they’re in a crisis situation?

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Best of Alice Springs

Best team out of Desert Knowledge Australia event in Alice Springs

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You're Not Alone: Teen Health Challenge

How can teens and youth in the Northern Territory seek and become aware of the availability of health services?

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Business Possible

How to make business boom in the NT?

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Connecting the health and fitness community in the CBD

Who needs to get fit? All of us! Darwin has many fitness enthusiasts who use the city and its various parks and equipment to complement their activities. City of Darwin believes technology and innovation can support our community to stay active throughout the year.

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Healthy Communities Challenge

How might we assist councils to build healthier and stronger communities?

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You're Not Approved: Aged Care Challenge

How can the elderly opting to stay and 'grow old at home', and their service providers, better reach, ensure trust, and be served/serve them in urban or remote places?

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Save Lives With Data

How can we use data and technology to better the health of the Australian population, and what could be the economic impacts?

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