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Data enabled health and welfare

Purpose of this project is to understand what could be learnt from connecting disparate datasets available with GP Clinics, Pathology laboratories, Government agencies and non-governmental agencies and devices. To understand the economic impact of connecting the varying datasets; and to provide ...

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Remember When

Creating an application which unveils the hidden story behind historical buildings, events and locations of significance. User location is tracked via GPS and as they approach a location marked on the map, it will be 'unlocked'. Once unlocked, a pop-up with information about the location will be ...

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Health +

Health+ Is an application/service that is a downloadable to mobile devices, its intent is to improve the response of emergency medical services to the public, the GUI would be built so it would be easy for the user to understand and operate effectively. The layout has 5 buttons; maps, user manual...

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Our idea is basically an app that shows you jobs in any area and the level of education a job needs, how easy it is to get employed, what the cap of pay is, how often are raises, what working hours there are and where the jobs are most common. Besides from that it also shows the available jobs wi...

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Don't Make Me Wait

A chatbot to help people make better decisions about where to go when they have a medical emergency.

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Smart Ways to Live

"Smart Ways to Live" is an interactive educational app that increases community resilience using a fun and innovation method. The app highlights strategies and information utilising modern technology that connects Young People ages 10 -12 to educational content that has real-life application. ...

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Street Safe

Are the streets you're about to travel on safe?

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Quick Safe

Quick Safe is an app for local communities to assit them with dealing with bushfires by allowing them to see the fire risk for their area. They will also be able to see where the last resort building's are and have the option of a head count with the people in their area to see if everyone has ma...

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myCard is your one-stop solution for managing all your cards by providing you with a virtual wallet that can be accessed using your phone or an NFC card.

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Yerrabi is intended to encourage people to be more active by taking away reservations about convenience, challenge and timing. By utilising geospatial data supplied by the ACT Government in addition to crowdsourced data, Yerrabi allows Canberrans the option to either follow known trails or ’blaze...

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Community Skin Health

Created a image classifying application to enable users to interact with a pre-trained model which gave them guidance on possible skin conditions. The application is designed to supplement existing government data sets to get valuable insights on community health trends. It also allows the comm...

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Provide a consolidated view for the CFS volunteers to access critical information during an incident or when in a strike team

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Our idea is to organise various demographics of each suburbs, such as crime rate, nbn availability, ease of transit, that can influence people to buy (or rent) properties. The aim is to display the markers on the map which makes it easier for the user to compare various suburbs and plan their inv...

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Clean city

We are designing an app that combines spatial information about several sorts of waste management facilities in one easily accessible spot on your phone. The app inlcudes the location of: - publically accessible bins (green, recycling and landfill) - publically accessible toilets - bin collec...

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Our goal is to improve the health and lifestyle of people using our application. Using open data such as public facility locations and health surveys. SparkLife is an application that allows everyday people to improve their health and well-being through a series of recommendations for physical ex...

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👟 Active Cities 👟

Active Cities aims at encouraging people to exercise, socialise and to discover their local city. It provides the user with information regarding a variety of activity types, from going for a walk in a nearby park to exploring a local museum - catering for a variety of personal preferences.

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Project HackYeah 2018!

Looking to Learn about BigData, OpenData Sets, data visualisation and interpretation.

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Trendhound lets users search a keyword of interest across Twitter, Google News and public datasets. The dashboard displays relevant tweets across the country and relevant news articles. It highlights facts at the states and territory level from relevant datasets. It allows users to quickly ...

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Emergency Data Response

This project is based on a device which will host emergency data related to a local disaster site. Basically a local internet which works in a situation where no internet is available.

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Anzen Drive

How can technology make us safer on the roads? In ACT since 2000, 13 people have died on average every year due to road based collisions (https://policenews.act.gov.au/crime-statistics-and-data/road-toll). In order to promote awareness around road safety, Team Drop Table has designed a web bas...

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The NFCup is a revolutionary device that forces drivers to put their phones away removing the threat of mobile distraction. It is linked to your drivers license allowing for you to check

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Data is not the key to the future. Data does not define success. The key to the future, what defines success, is people. We are a data integration platform tailored for the healthcare industry, standardising the way health data is shared and incentivising collaboration between hospitals, res...

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Imagine if your politicians were more data driven. Imagine if you could make sure your needs and your preferences were right there in front of your MP so every decision they made were backed by facts and evidence instead of being influenced by lobbyists and personal biases. This app puts your nee...

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Project 4680

Community solution that reduces litter, creates healthier communities and increases regional development.

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“Responder” is a community platform (website) that connects the members of the community to help each other in a disaster and facilitates to coordinate efforts from NGOs and government. Data is used for preparing for a disaster, acting efficiently when is happening, and learning from it to build...

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Our product is an app, called HealthHack, that is integrated onto a smartwatch, for example a Fitbit or Apple Watch, that monitors health parameters including heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates. The user’s medical profile is created in the app as well as being synchronized with thei...

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Personalised Health Care Made Easy

When it comes to any disorder or disability treatment, one size does not fit all. Millions of patients who will be diagnosed with any particular disorder, no two will be exactly the same plus the patients come from different background, age, gender, lifestyle, support so on which they need person...

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Age-Friendly Canberra

Please view our Github page for a comprehensive project profile: https://github.com/ma-al/gh18-p77 - The Age-Friendly Planning Tool maps government data on population projections for the Canberra region and assists users in identifying areas requiring increased support and development, now ...

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Searching to Build

We believe that access to real-time data will aid disaster relief services and assist in the rebuilding and management of past present and future assets. We believe that in emergencies, consistency is key. Consistency in data and communication holds the keys to successful asset management and mo...

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Save life with data

Intent of this project is to help Australian medical society.This works by collecting different types of medical data and generating insight of the medical situation location wise and helping them to arrive at intelligent solution.

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Project 252

Our proposed solution touches on integrating AIHW with the broader Community health sector at State and Service Provider levels. Having noticed this to be one of the most salient problems across the community sector over the past decade, we propose a system that would facilitate community org...

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Way 2 school of your choice

This app gives a detailed information about school where parent can filter the options according to their need. So, the app provides information about list of schools with the details like location, enrolment dates, principal contact details, previous complaints on school, facilities for disabili...

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Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward NT is the platform for acts of kindness in the Northern Territory.

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SafeACT is a set and forget mobile application that sends public safety announcements by way of push notifications at perscribed times customised to the individual user. Utilising a number of government data sets focused on historical road and transport data, SafeACT builds queries and returns...

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