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Imagine if your politicians were more data driven. Imagine if you could make sure your needs and your preferences were right there in front of your MP so every decision they made were backed by facts and evidence instead of being influenced by lobbyists and personal biases. This app puts your needs in the middle of the political process.

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Welcome to My MP.

We believe that politicians don't like dirty business any more than we do. So we want to provide them the evidence they need to be able to tell friend from foe. We understand these are busy people, constantly having to make quick decisions and think on their feet. My MP is the information superweapon that will give the truth a fighting chance.

There are two main interfaces to My MP, the MP dashboard and the citizen view. The MP dashboard is like Wikipedia, only better. By adoping a standard information template, every topic or question is presented in a familiar and easy-to-read format, linked directly to the demographics of their area of responsibility. The relationship between a topic or issue and the people in their constituency is displayed as a summary for them to refer to.

With this kind of quick information display, we are raising the bar on anyone trying to "pull a swifty" with sweeping statements and generalisations.

They also get a view into the concerns and interests of the people living in their electorates so that they are always connected to the current needs of the people.

The citizen dashboard is a way for individuals to safely and anonymously interact with their MP. My MP allows politicians to engage more effectively with the people of Australia while keeping their eye on the big picture. The citizen dashboard includes based information about your local member of parliament so people will always be able to know who is representing them, and what they are currently engaged in. The current activity of the MP is shown in a simplified display which allows people to discover new information about current activities. MPs can put our polls, surveys or general questions when they would like to get rapid feedback on the views of their electorate.

Let's look at how this will contribute to the challenges laid down at GovHack and the datasets presented. Consider how valuable it would be to make sure that the data from your organisation or department made its way directly into the hands of key decision makers at just the right time. Rather than focusing on implementation of the technology, I have chosen to highlight how powerful this kind of information summary can be. Nothing is more important than empowering a decision-maker in the moment they are making a choice, and that is really the story to tell here.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Description of Use Used as part of a case study into information summarisation provided through the My MP app

Data Set

ABS Data Force Statistics

Description of Use Case study for providing a summary dashboard within the My MP app

Data Set

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More than apps and maps: help government decide with data

How can we combine data to help government make their big and small decisions? Government makes decisions every day—with long term consequences such as the location of a school, or on a small scale such as the rostering of helpdesk staff.

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Save Lives With Data

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Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Accessing any of the datasets on data.vic, this challenge asks participants to extract and tell stories from data. Alternatively how might we facilitate citizens’ own inquiries and investigations via the Victorian Government Open Data Portal?

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Bounty: Is seeing truely believing?

How can we tell a story with visualisations, that speaks the truest representation of our data?

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Bounty: Mix and Mashup

How can we combine the uncombinable?

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Working Together

How can open government data to improve responsers' situational understanding and ability to plan their response, and share their information between agencies? How can sharing information between agencies be improved by different information presentation, allowing more informed decisions during domestic emergencies or national security events?

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Helping the community realise we’re in their corner!

Local Government has lots of data, so how can we utilise the data we have, and the open data out there to tell the story of what we do, how we do it so well, and how this benefits the community, in ways that constituents will receive and understand?

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Victorian Multicultural Atlas

How can we leverage mobile technology and free Wi-Fi to present point of interest data alongside immersive information to help citizens from non-English speaking backgrounds navigate their local environments and learn about the rich history of Victorian public spaces?

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