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Our idea is to organise various demographics of each suburbs, such as crime rate, nbn availability, ease of transit, that can influence people to buy (or rent) properties. The aim is to display the markers on the map which makes it easier for the user to compare various suburbs and plan their investment. Also, the government can utilise this map to do urban plannings.

Data Story

We will be using the open data sets provided by the government including the ones for crime rate, census, schools, jobs etc. to display markers on the map

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Team DataSets

Population Forecasts by Small Area

Description of Use We will gather this information to plot this on the map to help people and the government understand how each area's population is scattered.

Data Set

Victoria suburb boundaries

Description of Use We are gathering this data to highlight the suburbs on the map to distinguish levels of multiple aspects

Data Set

Crime Stats Agency

Description of Use By gathering this data, the general public can understand more about the security level of that area on the map.

Data Set

School locations dataset

Description of Use We will keep track of how many schools are in each area and plot it on the Google map so that general public will have a better idea of the education level and numbers of school of each suburb. Also, when the user click on the school, information of the school will pop up.

Data Set

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