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"Smart Ways to Live" is an interactive educational app that increases community resilience using a fun and innovation method.

The app highlights strategies and information utilising modern technology that connects Young People ages 10 -12 to educational content that has real-life application.

This app's potential is an outreach to the Mainstream Education System by utilising smart devices to deliver content that compliments existing Disaster Management literature.

Data Story

Our data is unique, some would say is unorthodox but we say it's perfect!

We utilised the following data:

This data allowed us to create and illustrate:
- Checklists for the preparedness of people in the Queensland Community, and the overall preparation for their household .

This was made possible through the use of an information system for easy access to recovery centres in a disaster event location that can build easy connections to knowledge.

Thank you for allowing us to share our story - Happy Hacking!

All of this data paints a picture on how we can effectively build and create an amazing model for a social enterprise!

This data has enormous potential to better inform real life disaster planning, and can have a massive impact on Mainstream Education.

This app will further improve regional economic development, overall sustainability and increased awareness and education that will build resilience and create greater connected communities throughout Australia.

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

Community Recovery Operations Disaster Events

Description of Use: Disaster event classification, major disasters by region, Disaster ID Disaster Identifier, Disaster Event, Name, Name of Disaster Event, Disaster Event Date, Disaster Activation Start Date, Region/s, Departmental region names used 2011-2017. Data sets used for disaster event classification and frequency by region.

Data Set

Qld Community Preparedness Survey – November 2013

Description of Use: Creating Checklist for the preparedness of people in the Queensland Community, and their household overall-preparation.

Data Set

Community recovery centre address by disaster

Description of Use: Used in information system for easy access to recovery centres in a disaster event that can build easy connections to knowledge.

Data Set

Community recovery immediate Hardship Assistance grants by disaster by amount paid.

Description of Use: Used in identifying key costs in terms of community recovery and individual assistance grants, to build around and support relevant literature.

Data Set

NDRRA Activations for Sunshine Coast Flooding April 2009

Description of Use: Infrastructure restoration to help communities recover from these effects through relevant literature.

Data Set


Out of the Box - New take on data for regional development

Region: Queensland


Save Lives With Data

Region: Australia


Sunshine Coast Sustainability

Region: Queensland


Community Disaster Challenge

Region: Queensland

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