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SafeACT is a set and forget mobile application that sends public safety announcements by way of push notifications at perscribed times customised to the individual user.

Utilising a number of government data sets focused on historical road and transport data, SafeACT builds queries and returns relevant results based on the user's weekly travel habits.

SafeACT's works as follows.

Our user Amy, downloads the application from her handset's App Store. Amy opens the app and creates her profile. She is asked a small number of questions by the app about her weekly travel habits.

Amy lives in Kingston and works a 9-5 job in Belconnen. She drives there and back every Monday through to Friday. She enters these details into her profile page on SafeACT, allows the app to send her push notifications and then saves her profile. Amy can now close the app and as long as he is willing to receive notifcations from the app, he no longer needs open the app to avail of it's beneifits.

SafeACT benefits and notifcations work like so;
1. On the day Amy is known by the app to travel, the SafeACT application polls Amy's travel habits an hour before her work day normally starts, and an hour before her work day normally ends.
2. The application server then queries Google Maps, working out three of the most likely routes Amy would drive to and from work.
3. The application then polls a number of government data sets such as historical reported motorist & cyclist incidents, speeding infringements and past weather data to name a few.
4. It filters the data by the relevant info sets based on the similar as characteristics of the current day such as:
weather conditions for that day
sunrise and sunset times
day of the week
hour of the day and
location proximity to Amy's likely driving route.

  1. If the data returns a perceived higher than normal amount of past road incidents with the same characteristics of that time and day, the server sends a push notification to Amy's phone.

  2. The content of the message reads as follows:
    'Hi Amy, this is Jack from SafeACT. We care for our residents in Canberra and are letting you know that in the past, a number of traffic incidents have occured on this day along your normal route home. Please drive to the conditions, try to be aware of your surroundings and most of all, get home safely.'

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Team DataSets

Unplanned Road Closures (Live Stream)

Data Set

ACTQP HTS - Trip Rate Categorised by Time of Day

Data Set

ACTQP HTS - Average Trip Distance Categorised by Transport Method and Time of Day

Data Set

ACTQP HTS - Average Trip Time and Distance Categorised by Trip Purpose

Data Set

ACTQP HTS - Average Trip Distance Categorised by Transport Method and Trip Purpose

Data Set

Sort by Mobile Speed Camera Visits and Stays

Data Set

Mobile speed cameras in Canberra

Data Set

Traffic camera offences and fines

Data Set

Cyclist Crashes

Data Set

ACT Road Crash Data

Data Set

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