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Project 268

EIntroducing easyRider - More flow, less stress. A #govhack2018 submission from the Digital Hub crew in Peregian Beach to ease traffic and congestion in the Noosa shire.

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Smart Ways to Live

"Smart Ways to Live" is an interactive educational app that increases community resilience using a fun and innovation method. The app highlights strategies and information utilising modern technology that connects Young People ages 10 -12 to educational content that has real-life application. ...

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Our Place

Our Place is a virtual mural that has been created with data collated from various data sets. The aim is to create a reflection of individual community issues such as homelessness, littering, air pollution and even the possibility of disasters and the communities resilience can be displayed. T...

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Go Now App

The application proposed will have a simple and easy to use design, display data to aid bike users. The goals of this application are to, Encourage cycling to improve health and well-being of locals and reduce emissions. Make travelling less stressful, and allow accessibility for all required inf...

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an attractive, innovative and interactive smart rubbish disposal unit, designed to address the needed culture change that will lead us into an advanced, pristine and sustainable future. Trash Talk displays a fitted digital LCD that educates and prompts communities to use and sort wa...

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We used BOM and Noosa Council datasets to perform a rough feasibility study for generating Noosa Electricity needs using the East Australian Current and modern hydro barges.

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Clean city

We are designing an app that combines spatial information about several sorts of waste management facilities in one easily accessible spot on your phone. The app inlcudes the location of: - publically accessible bins (green, recycling and landfill) - publically accessible toilets - bin collec...

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Boast Your Coast

Boast Your Coast is a campaign, informative website and Business / Community Hub. The intended audience is residents, owners of small local businesses and tourists. The aim of the Boast Your Coast is to help residents and small businesses within the Sunshine Coast by empowering them with informat...

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An interactive gps app to locate rubbish bins located near the user of the app. The app is made to be interactive and fun to use to promote an intentional focus on cleaning the environment. Features include; bin locations relative to user position, data about the use of bins, educational content,...

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Congestion Management System

We will use historic data sets that cover parking duration/occupancy, pedestrian traffic, congestion maps, and air quality, to establish a base line for congestion in the Noosa’s Hastings Street area. We will then develop vehicle counters to collect data in real time, to provide a live feed on ca...

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A story of cables and cars

My Bruce Highway anti-congestion scheme - this is a data story of cables and cars.

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