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Boast Your Coast is a campaign, informative website and Business / Community Hub. The intended audience is residents, owners of small local businesses and tourists. The aim of the Boast Your Coast is to help residents and small businesses within the Sunshine Coast by empowering them with information and data surrounding tourism and employment within their region. Small businesses can sign up and register their business, providing a platform and free exposure. Sometimes business owners struggle with setting up an accessible website or simply do not have time while they are in the process of spinning up a new business. The Boast Your Coast business hub ensures that information regarding local businesses and stores is in an easily accessible format. Residents and visitors can browse the listings and access information about sustainability, as well as the importance of supporting small businesses by shopping locally. Additionally, Boast Your Coast emphasises the Council's intentions surrounding sustainability, environmental responsibility and economic growth. The website provides residents with a way of submitting feedback to ensure they feel heard, especially regarding any potential concerns regarding the tourism industry and its impact on the local community. The Boast Your Coast solution endeavours to foster a sense of community and pride within the Sunshine Coast. It will provide a platform for local businesses to gain exposure, for residents to be heard and for tourists to access information about keeping the Sunshine Coast beautiful.  

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Data Story

Datasets used - International visitors by Queensland Tourism region (Queensland Government) Link and Census Data 2011 Qld Employment by Industry (Sunshine Coast) Link. We analysed the International Tourists by Queensland Tourism region data and found that only a small percentage of tourists choose to visit the Sunshine Coast, with Brisbane and the Gold Coast holding the majority of the tourism industry share. With the tourism industry forecasted to growth significantly within the next 10 years, we identified that for the Sunshine Coast to grow commercially (while also maintaining its sense of community and beautiful environment) it must better support local businesses. Our solution presents data in an easily readable format for residents and small businesses to communicate the benefits of growing the tourism industry within the Sunshine Coast region.

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Team DataSets

Tourism Satellite Account 2016-17

Description of Use The Australian Tourism Satellite Account has been a key resource for us - allowing us to track and forecast projected Tourism growth in Australia. This was essential when promoting tourism to the Sunshine Coast community.

Data Set

Queensland Employment by Industry

Description of Use We used this data to track and estimate the growth estimate for jobs in the sunshine coast and surrounds.

Data Set


Description of Use We used this data to promote the growth of the Sunshine Coast economy through tourism, estimate the needs for tourism.

Data Set

Day trips in Australia by residents

Description of Use Using this dataset we can see that the number of day trip visitors to the Sunshine Coast is relatively stagnate over the last 10 years, however it has the potential to grow. By using this data we hope to encourage local residents and business owners of the sunshine coast to promote their businesses and local area to drive tourists to the Sunshine Coast, there by increasing the social capital and stimulating economic growth of the Sunshine Coast.

Data Set


Description of Use By using the forecast of domestic traveler activity, specifically for QLD, we can estimate the growth in domestic travelers creating a drive to promote the commerciality of the Sunshine Coast.

Data Set

International visitors by Queensland Tourism region

Description of Use By using this information we can see that the growth of tourism visitors to the sunshine coast is relatively flat compared to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. This has shown a need to improve the tourism drive for the Sunshine Coast. Our project will use this dataset to promote growth and commerciality of the Sunshine Coast.

Data Set

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