A story of cables and cars

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Dazed and Confused

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My Bruce Highway anti-congestion scheme - this is a data story of cables and cars.

Data Story

My idea is to use the new undersea internet cable and government support to get most of the cars off the Bruce Highway. I call it "Build it and they will come". My data shows that Bruce highway congestion can be broken into two main categories. My scheme has two steps. Step 1 gives the constructions workers local jobs so we get them off the highway now. Then step 2 mean the Brisbane workers can now work locally using the internet to connect to their employer so they wont need to travel anymore either. Then we can work to create new jobs so that kids like me can get a local job once we finish school. I worked out that this will prevent 65,000 tons of carbon emissions, reduce car costs by $246 million, give employees back 6.3million hours of time or allow them to earn an extra $250 million. And, of course, travelling south will become a lot easier.

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Team DataSets

Peak hour traffic data Bruce Highway

Description of Use Used understand traffic patterns and estimate volumes of traffic for different commuter types.

Data Set

Sunshine Coast residents by place of work

Description of Use Calculate number of residents commuting for work

Data Set

Google Maps

Description of Use Average commute time to and from work during peak hour

Data Set

Employed persons by industry, Queensland, 1985–86 to 2017–18

Description of Use Project employment types in Brisbane into the future

Data Set

My Carbon Calculator

Description of Use Average carbon emissions per km of car travel assuming small 4wd = typical car type

Data Set

Census Data 2011 - Sunshine Coast Employment by Industry

Description of Use Project employment mix into future as a baseline for future growth

Data Set

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