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Provide a free market research tool for SME's on public data sets

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Scammy bot is an intelligent bot being trained to communicate with members of the public and identify all sorts of scams. Scammy is also a Chrome extension that alerts users when they visit suspicious pages that may harm users, for example, shown on the right is a scam email that links users ...

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Orana Welcome Home

Orana is an interactive website that can recommend migrants which suburb to move to, by exploring and understanding Government and open data about various Victorian suburbs. Orana provides insights on factors providing overall quality of life in selected suburbs and provides an avenue for explo...

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OneGov - IP

As IP applicants are inconsistent with providing their details, IP Australia have duplicated records and misidentified businesses Our solution OneGov is an intuitive search system that integrates from sources IPAustralia. The search engine has been designed using natural language, guiding ...

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To Employ or Not To Employ

Using MyVic and data.gov.au data to find how governments can best make efficient decisions to increase local employment per suburb (ie. transport, infrastructure, investment, industries).

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Make Melbourne Great Again

OzBusiness is a web application that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to easily find a suitable area to establish their business. Using various sources of data, OzBusiness filters out any unfitting areas for the user's particular requirements leaving behind the best opt...

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The Next Busker

Buskers have been part of cityscapes for centuries with many governments embracing them as a cultural asset. They play a role in making our city more vibrant and lively and are strongly supported by the community. However, busking isn't always as easy when there are: 1. Strict regulations (...

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Help small business establish or extend their business

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There is a need to improve government and residents interactions to have a both way communication. There are many data collection points for government data but still there is no dedicated social network platform for government-residents interaction and decision making For example, if Kens...

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There are two types of end users will use our solution, the business owner can use our mobile app to find the place to start a new business or grow the existing business. The government can access to the web portal to see the where are the least business growth places in the country, the AI will ...

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Secure your future

Big Orange Brain is a team of two, with software engineering backgrounds and a keen interest in open data. Our aim for this year's GovHack was to uncover insights into better utilisation of our labour market that the Department of Jobs and Small Business will hopefully find valuable.

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The aim of this application is to help startups pick the best place to start their new business, or franchises to pick the best place to create a new branch. The app will show an interactive map, which the new business creator can explore, and it’ll give them the information relevant to their new...

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