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There is a need to improve government and residents interactions to have a both way communication.

There are many data collection points for government data but still there is no dedicated social network platform for government-residents interaction and decision making

For example, if Kensignton, Vic city wants to open a new school and wants to have interaction with residents of that city then there is no dedicated channel for that. Kensington, Vic city may post it on their website and may ask for suggestions but not many residents go and check Kensington, Vic city website.

I propose to have decision making more interactive by posting questions on social network to residents like http://www.micents.com/polls/view/4/location-of-a-school-in

Such page gives an opportunity to every resident to be part of the decision making even for small decisions.

Recent changes in social network data privacy has made it tough for social networks to share data or analysis of such polls with government. Web Scraping of web page is one way but better solution is to have a dedicated social network for Australian government to interact with residents. For data privacy, this social network should be deployed on government servers and data will be owned by government.

The page mentioned above is deployed on the site owned by me. I own the domain name as well the code of this site. micents can build this solution for government at almost no cost. Government will own the data as it will be deployed on government servers



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