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The aim of this application is to help startups pick the best place to start their new business, or franchises to pick the best place to create a new branch. The app will show an interactive map, which the new business creator can explore, and it’ll give them the information relevant to their new business, such as pedestrian volume, the amount of available parking, and the volume of competitors (or potential business partners) in the area. For example, a person trying to start a cafe might want to find a place with high pedestrian volume or high density of officespace nearby. A tech startup might want to open an office near other tech startups, etc. In short, the app will help startups to find a place to ‘anchor’ their new business.

The app combines the data from ANZIC’s business establishments and Pedestrian Volume, and several parking datasets. ANZIC’s data set provides us with the data on the business census within a certain block of Melbourne, providing insight to the opportunities in the area. Since the dataset only covers the city of melbourne, this application will only work in the melbourne city region. However, as we we receive more and more data, the technology can also be used for the whole victoria region, or even all of australia.

This application can also be used by the government to help them visualize the state of Melbourne’s industry, e.g. where all the Corporate offices are located, or the level of oversaturation in the city (e.g. which has too many restaurants competing in the same area, and which area could use more restaurants)

On top of this, As part of a commercialization strategy, we might even integrate real estate APIs (such as, to further easing the process of finding the essential place to start a business.

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Team DataSets

Business Establishment per CLUE Block and ANZSIC Code

Description of Use Used to create graphs that show what % of each business type are in an area, which shows how much competition a new business owner would have in that area.

Data Set

Building information within CLUE blocks

Description of Use This data is used to show both residential density, which is something to consider when opening certain types of businesses, as well as what competition there might be in the are.

Data Set

Business Establishment Trading Names and Industry

Description of Use To see what and how businesses are registering in the last period to gauge gaps in the market

Data Set

Pedestrian Traffic

Description of Use Shows business owners where high pedestrian traffic locations are, which might be suitable places to set up shop

Data Set

My Victoria API

Description of Use Identifies areas of interest for businesses. For example, an area with a high % of Vietnamese may be where you want to open a Vietnamese restaurant (or not?)

Data Set

CLUE blocks

Description of Use to visualise the information to educate businesses

Data Set

Pedestrian Sensor Locations

Description of Use The locations of the sensors are used with the actual sensor data to show pedestrian traffic on a map

Data Set

On Street Parking Bays

Description of Use This data is used to show how much parking is available in the area that a business owner is considering setting up shop.

Data Set

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