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Sid and 5 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Orana is an interactive website that can recommend migrants which suburb to move to, by exploring and understanding Government and open data about various Victorian suburbs.
Orana provides insights on factors providing overall quality of life in selected suburbs and provides an avenue for exploring the multi-cultural diversity of Australia.
Migrants sea change into Victoria will have well-informed data-driven insights to help them relocate or immigrate.
Orana originally came from First People of Australia Wiradjuri language meaning "welcome". Embrace multiculturalism!

Data Story

Data inquiries include: Do immigrants lives longer than people who were born locally? What are the factors impacting quality of lifes? Why does one suburb tend to have a higher number of healthier and happier people than others? Does community belonging have significant impact on an immigrant well-being? E.g. Will Italian immigrant be happier living in Carlton when there are plenty of Italian food and strong Italian community? Will factors like income and education level play a role in age longevity?

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

City of Melbourne Open Data

Description of Use Melbourne suburb composition and features along with population diversity

Data Set

Victoria's open data directory

Description of Use Used open data map api to get details on infrastructure, maps, etc

Data Set

Student Data

Description of Use Identify student enrolments, to guide migrants finding friends from the same country of origins

Data Set

Community Diversity profile

Description of Use Socio-demography of suburb to understand ethnicities / cultural background / and languages spoken in various Victorian suburb

Data Set

School Locations 2018

Description of Use Show available schools in particular suburbs

Data Set

Rental Report Quarterly

Description of Use To show mid rental price for of a suburb, when you click it on Tableu

Data Set

Employment Data

Description of Use Recommend which suburbs has relevant employment opportunity

Data Set

ABS - Census

Description of Use Plot census data about dwelling, occupancy, culture of origin, weekly income into Tableu maps

Data Set

Challenge Entries

My Victoria: Supporting small business making big decisions

Where are the best places for certain business types to be based?

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Australians' stories

What meaningful ways can we tell the story about what it's like to be an Australian, and in what ways some Australians live very different lives than others? How can we make people more aware of the issues facing themselves and others as they go through life?

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Victorian Multicultural Atlas

How can we leverage mobile technology and free Wi-Fi to present point of interest data alongside immersive information to help citizens from non-English speaking backgrounds navigate their local environments and learn about the rich history of Victorian public spaces?

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My (Liveable) Victoria

Using the data available on Data Vic and My Victoria, how might well-being be represented and measured in Victoria?

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More than apps and maps: help government decide with data

How can we combine data to help government make their big and small decisions? Government makes decisions every day—with long term consequences such as the location of a school, or on a small scale such as the rostering of helpdesk staff.

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Helping the community realise we’re in their corner!

Local Government has lots of data, so how can we utilise the data we have, and the open data out there to tell the story of what we do, how we do it so well, and how this benefits the community, in ways that constituents will receive and understand?

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Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Accessing any of the datasets on data.vic, this challenge asks participants to extract and tell stories from data. Alternatively how might we facilitate citizens’ own inquiries and investigations via the Victorian Government Open Data Portal?

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Bounty: Mix and Mashup

How can we combine the uncombinable?

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Bounty: Is seeing truely believing?

How can we tell a story with visualisations, that speaks the truest representation of our data?

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Show Us The Numbers

How can we use open finance data to turn numbers into stories?

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