To Employ or Not To Employ

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Potato = Not Potato

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Using MyVic and data to find how governments can best make efficient decisions to increase local employment per suburb (ie. transport, infrastructure, investment, industries).

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We used the MyVic mapping API (, with suburb specific datasets for various impactors, to find the impact of multiple features (eg infrastructure, cultural diversity, income) on employment per suburb (also a data set in the MyVic mapping API). The Public Internet Locations dataset ( was also used as a feature in the model (to determine its impact on employment). This data was ultimately used to suggest efficient improvements in features in order to maximise employment

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MyVic Mapping API

Description of Use Suburb specific data from multiple data sets in the MyVic (including income, infrastructure and cultural diversity) was used as features in neural network to find impact on employment, another data set in this API, and generate suggestions based on these data sets

Data Set

Public Internet Locations (VIC)

Description of Use This dataset was used to determine the amount of public internet locations per suburb, used as a feature to determine its impact on employment

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