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Project Description

As IP applicants are inconsistent with providing their details, IP Australia have duplicated records and misidentified businesses

Our solution OneGov is an intuitive search system that integrates from sources IPAustralia.

The search engine has been designed using natural language, guiding the user to find and filter their search easily.We use a controlled decentralised blockchain to help securely deliver complete records that are verified and up to date.

Data Story

We used the IP data as we wanted to solve the problem of data-matching, duplication and verification. In addition to making it easy and seamless to use.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

IP Australia

Description of Use: Total usage of this dataset to create a semantic search engine.

Data Set


Transforming the national to the international (National)

Region: Australia


My Victoria: Supporting small business making big decisions

Region: Victoria


Bounty: Finding all the like needles in the haystack

Region: Australia


Matching Applicants

Region: Australia


Bounty: Making open data more open.

Region: Australia


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