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Go Go GovHackers - IP

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David and 7 other members with unpublished profiles.

Project Description

As IP applicants are inconsistent with providing their details, IP Australia have duplicated records and misidentified businesses

Our solution OneGov is an intuitive search system that integrates from sources IPAustralia.

The search engine has been designed using natural language, guiding the user to find and filter their search easily.We use a controlled decentralised blockchain to help securely deliver complete records that are verified and up to date.

Data Story

We used the IP data as we wanted to solve the problem of data-matching, duplication and verification. In addition to making it easy and seamless to use.

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Team DataSets

IP Australia

Description of Use Total usage of this dataset to create a semantic search engine.

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Challenge Entries

Transforming the national to the international (National)

Where should Australian Businesses go next?

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My Victoria: Supporting small business making big decisions

Where are the best places for certain business types to be based?

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Bounty: Finding all the like needles in the haystack

We are looking for your best and brightest ideas to help us identify the same business applicant across datasets and over time

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Matching Applicants

How could the same business applicant be identified across multiple datasets, and over time? How could we do this in new, or interesting ways?

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Bounty: Making open data more open.

How can open data be presented on to make it easier and friendlier to use? Does this mean making it more similar to using standard search engines, like Google, or something else entirely?

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