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From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems

## Objectives This project integrates spatiotemporal statistical models and machine learning methods for predicting future ocean climate and environment scenarios and the decision making for marine ecosystems. ## Methods (1) Geostatistical methods are used for spatial prediction of variables...

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Alice Solar Homes

SolarAS has written a website to assist renters and landlords cooperate with the help of real-estate agents to build and maintain high-quality, high-voltage blackout resistant solar systems within their homes. We hope to tap in to the strong enthusiasm and community spirit, business and governme...

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Weather Intelligence Solutions

Are the smart decision-making tools that Businesses and Government use are Smart Enough? Outliers is a team of Smarts from the Smarts. We provide insights to various industries all over the globe and facilitate Data Driven Weather Intelligent decision making. We achieve this by using Inter-Disci...

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Project Airscape

Project Airscape is an application that lets you, the users, to track air pollution in Australia - and ideally find a correlation between air quality and ocean pollution.

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Expose: Show us your data

Group of data munching friends who have a shared love of solving problems using data. Let us expose it and make it useful. Show us your data!

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Ready Aim Fire

When there’s a bushfire coming, you and your family's survival will depend on how prepared you are, and the decisions you make. People who prepare their homes for bushfire season and practice their survival plans understand what works and are most likely to survive. Most people who die in bushf...

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Data Science for Everyone

In the last decade, terabytes of information has been collected from various industries, not to mention historical data that has been collected for many decades. Organizations seem to be unsure of how they wish to use this data however, in the questions they wish to ask and the visualizations the...

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# Weather2Go Description We designed an App for weather. It informs the users how to do with the incoming weather, make them understand weather and change their behaviour for better health. ## Problem Space ### 1. Who cares about UV? - People always ignore the harmful weather Some w...

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Vic Navi

# Objectives - We want to better inform citizens about the most suitable way of going out. - With the power of chatbot we can provide suggestions in natural language. - We can provide suggestions for disable people as well. # Functions - A web application provides navigatio...

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Crashboard is an interactive dashboard designed to take the guesswork out of decision making when local and state governments invest into road safety upgrades. Crashboard assists key decision makers in making data-driven decisions based on the identification of crash hotspots in varying weather a...

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The project aims to use environmental and financial data sets to power smart contracts that will radically improve farm insurance making such insurance easier and quicker to obtain. This will contribute the the betterment of the lives and make a social impact on struggling Australian farmers.

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We used BOM and Noosa Council datasets to perform a rough feasibility study for generating Noosa Electricity needs using the East Australian Current and modern hydro barges.

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The Next Busker

Buskers have been part of cityscapes for centuries with many governments embracing them as a cultural asset. They play a role in making our city more vibrant and lively and are strongly supported by the community. However, busking isn't always as easy when there are: 1. Strict regulations (...

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Boundless connections

Our poject aims to bridge communities together and encourage active lifestyles by paring carers/volunteers with aged and disable.

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👟 Active Cities 👟

Active Cities aims at encouraging people to exercise, socialise and to discover their local city. It provides the user with information regarding a variety of activity types, from going for a walk in a nearby park to exploring a local museum - catering for a variety of personal preferences.

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Project Road

# Project ##The problem Vicroads manages approximately 23,000 kilometres of arterial road network across Victoria, which is worth over $20 billion. Imagine the maintenance upkeep for such an infrastructure. Current systems involve periodic inspections of roads. The current process for this...

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# DiscoVR We believe that to live a healthy and active lifestyle is to embody the spirit of adventure. DiscoVR allows users to live out new adventures around Australia in a VR environment, before living them out in the real world. DiscoVR empowers Australians to make better decisions, all...

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The project aims to empower government, companies, social groups and individuals to make their well informed big decisions through existing Gov data. Government makes decisions every day—with long term consequences such as the location of a school, or on a small scale such as the rostering of hel...

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Little Rubbish

Given the enormous problem of fast food packaging being littered all over Queensland, in our parks, streets, forests, waterways, beaches and oceans: this is causing enormous damage to our environment and health of our communities, as well as costing us millions of dollars in clean-up costs. Ou...

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Hacking fish

Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only a beautiful landscape but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiast knows where the best place for fishing, the ordinary person does not know about this kind of information. Tasmania is very popular fishing destination...

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Weather To Go

Our team aims to provide a solution for public transportation challenges that Sydney is facing. According to the data provided by BOM and Open Data, there is an obvious correlation between weather, and busses or trains punctuality and high usage volumes. We have prepared the “Weather to go” softw...

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Project Arc

##Problem brief Pollution is still a prevalent issue surrounding the seas and oceans of Australia. In order to help better the protection of the ecosystem, the ability to predict major flow of waste will help maximise the efficiency of waste removal. ##Solution A forecasting engine, which al...

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See the sea

An interactive website that teaches students what and where the flora and fauna are in the ocean

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By using Rainfall Data, Tourism data and Weather Data we have created a program to find the best tourism location based on the season and data for the best experience, increasing tourism on the coast.

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