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SolarAS has written a website to assist renters and landlords cooperate with the help of real-estate agents to build and maintain high-quality, high-voltage blackout resistant solar systems within their homes.
We hope to tap in to the strong enthusiasm and community spirit, business and government goodwill to drive this change and so have also integrated community and social media sites within our page.

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reference to as a basis for chosing solar energy (,
all the links in the challenges, were linked to directly or referenced in building the site.

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DKC Solar Centre Dataset

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ASTC Solar Energy Council

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Roadmap to Renewables

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Business Possible

How to make business boom in the NT?

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More than apps and maps: help government decide with data

How can we combine data to help government make their big and small decisions? Government makes decisions every day—with long term consequences such as the location of a school, or on a small scale such as the rostering of helpdesk staff.

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Best of Alice Springs

Best team out of Desert Knowledge Australia event in Alice Springs

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Bounty: Decision Support

How can we make it easy to use weather and ocean data to our advantage? (e.g. when should you lay concrete, or go out yachtting or picnicking?)

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The Energy Source

What are the most effective ways of helping Alice residents to understand, and care, where their energy comes from?

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Renewable Renters

How can we enable renters in Alice Springs to access the benefits of rooftop solar (clean energy, reduced power bills), like their home-owning peers?

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Bounty: Visualise the Numbers

How can people better view data on GovCMS in visuals?

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