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The problem

Vicroads manages approximately 23,000 kilometres of arterial road network across Victoria, which is worth over $20 billion. Imagine the maintenance upkeep for such an infrastructure. Current systems involve periodic inspections of roads.

The current process for this involves

  • Manually checking
  • Complaints to council/vicroads
  • Time based not info based
  • Doesn’t take into account local conditions, geography, weather

We set out to assist in improving this process.

The solution

Project Road uses VicRoads traffic volume data to show possible hotspots of road damage.

Using VicRoads Crash data we can also see a link between heavy use roads as well as damaged roads and crash incidents.

The BOM Australian Landscape Water Balance data would allow Project Road to make predictions on road degradation due to landmass changes.

Long term

Project Road would benefit from the development of smart integrated devices that would provide direct information about roads and what condition they are in to then further help road maintenance crew find roads that are failing due to unforeseen events like weather affecting the underlying water ground moisture and crashes that could affect the road and its structure.

Data Story

Data Story

Traffic Data

The Data that we used for Project Road was the Traffic Volume from Vic roads. This data was used to show the amount of volume on most roads in Victoria. This Data helped us look at major roads that might need to be looked at due to the volume amount.

Crash Data

We looked at Traffic Crash Data for 2017 from VicRoads to then determine where certain points of interest might be for road maintenance due to collisions leading to damage of the road during the crash.

Weather Data

We used the data from BOM to check possible correlation between water balance and possible road maintenance due to the soil moisture and deep drainage as this could lead to road degeneration.

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BOM Rain Data

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VicRoads Traffic Volume

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VicRoads Crash

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