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Michael , Ashleigh Latter

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Crashboard is an interactive dashboard designed to take the guesswork out of decision making when local and state governments invest into road safety upgrades. Crashboard assists key decision makers in making data-driven decisions based on the identification of crash hotspots in varying weather and light conditions. Each local area is ranked based on a ‘road safety’ score, which could be used to identify areas in need of road infrastructure upgrades. The ‘Action’ tab within Crashboard highlights areas of concern within a given council area, and proposes potential solutions to reduce the crash-incidence rate and save the lives of Victorians. Together with Crashboard, we can help people get home safe.

Data Story

To develop Crashboard, City of Casey Transport Data was combined with Victoria in Future data tables, VicRoads Crash Stats and VicRoads Crashes Last Five Years.
Starting with the City of Casey Transport Data, the crash database was used to identify road safety incidents in the Casey Region. VicRoads Crashes Last Five Years data was also added to give a Victoria-wide view. Weather information from the VicRoads Crash Stats data was joined to the main data set to gain an understanding on how weather impacts on road safety. Finally, population per Local Government Area was added from the Victoria in Future data tables. This is used in conjunction with the number of crashes per area to generate a “road safety” score, allowing comparison of road safety between different Local Government Areas, such as Casey council.
Combined, this data becomes a comprehensive overview of road safety incidents in Victoria that can be used for discovery and comparative analysis as is done in Crashboard.

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Team DataSets

Victoria in Future data tables

Description of Use Used "VIF2016 LGAs VIFSAs ERP 2011-2031" data to determine population for Council regions. Population data was used in conjuction with road crash summaries, to determine a crash score per population, per area. This was used to rank Council areas by road safety.

Data Set

Crashes Last Five Years

Description of Use Data for the matching time period was joined with Casey transport data. This was used to compare Casey crash rates with other Victorian councils.

Data Set

Crash Stats - Data Extract

Description of Use Used the atmospheric conditions file to add weather information at the time of crashes to our crash database. Weather conditions and crash rates for each council area are calculated in order to provide a comparison.

Data Set

City of Casey Transport Data

Description of Use Used Crash database to identify crashes in the Casey region. Joined with VicRoads and population data to compare crash rates with other regions.

Data Set

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