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  • We want to better inform citizens about the most suitable way of going out.

  • With the power of chatbot we can provide suggestions in natural language.

  • We can provide suggestions for disable people as well.


  • A web application provides navigation and suggestions.

  • A chatbot deployed on home intelligence which can provide suggestions.

Data Story

Air, Weather and Tree status

  • The most significant features influencing out calculation of different methods when citizen wants to walk

Toilets location

  • For convenience of citizens with special necessary

Road congestion status

  • For users selected the fastest route, this feature becomes important

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

Tree Canopies 2016 (Urban Forest)

Description of Use Count as a feature of calculating scores of different outgoing methods. More trees on the road will make it higher for walking.

Data Set

Air quality

Description of Use To be used as a feature to calculate the scores of different outgoing methods.

Data Set

Wheelchair-accessible public toilets

Description of Use To show the location of such toilets for people have requirements

Data Set

Pedestrian volume

Description of Use Based foot traffic data, provide suggestion for user who going out on foot.

Data Set

On-street Parking Bay Sensors

Description of Use Determine parking availability of user's destination.

Data Set

Sensor readings, with temperature, light, humidity every 5 minutes at 8 locations

Description of Use Use temperature and light information to help route optimization

Data Set

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