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We will focus on the utilisation of roads and transport in the Queensland State Government level, primarily on the Gold Coast where there have been recent investment in new transport options in light rail and bikeways. By understanding the difference in traffic levels for districts with more acce...

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Boast Your Coast

Boast Your Coast is a campaign, informative website and Business / Community Hub. The intended audience is residents, owners of small local businesses and tourists. The aim of the Boast Your Coast is to help residents and small businesses within the Sunshine Coast by empowering them with informat...

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Take Me Anywhere

This project aims to connect people seeking a career change with current job opportunities in Queensland’s Tourism industry. We’ve created a website with unique algorithms which search job descriptions based on skills and locations to match them with local council and rural business opportunities...

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Project 4680

Community solution that reduces litter, creates healthier communities and increases regional development.

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Historial Mirror

Australia’s history should be acknowledged and remembered, it can inspire a nation, educate next generation, also let travelers, immigrants better understand the background of Australia. In order to engage people with ANZAC, we designed a website let our next generation, immigrants, traveler...

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Governments are good a regulating business but bad when it comes to providing guidance. It is on everyone's radar to grow the economy in areas of high demand or future need, but there is no real way of individuals knowing what will work where, so of all companies that start up, half fail within t...

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QLD Government Service transaction Behaviour and Preference Discovery

We are keen to resolve the problems that are related to our daily life. We love to play around with data, getting insight into data. The interactive dashboard is published on: https://public.tableau.com/profile/gavin1686#!/vizhome/Govhack-Draft3_0/DemographicDashboard The source code are p...

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