QLD Government Service transaction Behaviour and Preference Discovery

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Team So Good

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We are keen to resolve the problems that are related to our daily life. We love to play around with data, getting insight into data.

The interactive dashboard is published on:

The source code are published on GitHub via: https://github.com/brunocyh/govhack2018_teamsogood

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Team DataSets

Customer service centre wait times

Description of Use We use this time data to address the general wait time in a particular region

Data Set

Transport and motoring customer service centres

Description of Use We used it to identify the list of services provided in each suburb area.

Data Set

Whole of Government Survey 2017

Description of Use We obtain insight into what makes customers satisfied with services. It forms the base of our research, and allow us to identify the current problems.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Government Services Challenge

How might we better understand citizens' transaction preference and behaviours to make Queensland Government services easier to use?

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How might we determine the future tourism job needs for Queensland?

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Bounty: Industry meets Academia

How can we overcome the cultural differences between business and researchers to encourage innovation and collaboration?

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Bounty: Finding all the like needles in the haystack

We are looking for your best and brightest ideas to help us identify the same business applicant across datasets and over time

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