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Australia’s history should be acknowledged and remembered, it can inspire a nation, educate next generation, also let travelers, immigrants better understand the background of Australia.

In order to engage people with ANZAC, we designed a website let our next generation, immigrants, travelers to read and understand the detailed stories behand each Anzac soldier during the First World War.
Just need a click of the soldier’s photo, our website will tell you the soldier’s life experience by timeline. So, you can see their life and respect their contributions.
You can also find all the ANZAC monuments in our map, we will navigate you to the monument you want to visit.
Moreover, if you wish to become one of them, our website also allows you to upload your photo and we will generate your exclusive ANZAC portrait for you. Isn’t it a special souvenir? Our website provides convenient, interactive methods for next generation, immigrants and travelers to engage with ANZAC.



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State Library of Queensland - World War 1 soldier portraits

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