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We will focus on the utilisation of roads and transport in the Queensland State Government level, primarily on the Gold Coast where there have been recent investment in new transport options in light rail and bikeways. By understanding the difference in traffic levels for districts with more accessible public transport and alternate travel options (like bikeways or autonomous vehicles) the government can better substantiate new investment in expanding their transport options. The combined data sets are from various modes of transport, parking, public sentiment, and geospacial traffic maps.

Councillors are interested in traffic comparisons that dictate where their transport investment should be made and what modes of transport will be more beneficial. This will dictate forward-looking government backed green initiatives, reducing congestion, road upgrades and ease of mobility for tourists and attracting residents.

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We will use our base idea of improving transport solutions and investment in roads, which has many obvious datasets like location of cycleways and light rail utilisation. We will explore the available data on council, government and open data from industry to discover patterns that can correlate seemingly unrelated datasets like development history in the different districts, weather and tourism along certain routes etc to help tell the full story of our transport utilisation recommendations. How can we use open data to use evidence based decisions?

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