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We will focus on the utilisation of roads and transport in the Queensland State Government level, primarily on the Gold Coast where there have been recent investment in new transport options in light rail and bikeways. By understanding the difference in traffic levels for districts with more acce...

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Smart Ways to Live

"Smart Ways to Live" is an interactive educational app that increases community resilience using a fun and innovation method. The app highlights strategies and information utilising modern technology that connects Young People ages 10 -12 to educational content that has real-life application. ...

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Using ML to identify which individuals will commit insolvency by creating a compliance risk model and visualizing the results.

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InSolve the Insolvable

Our product is called InSOLVE. We used machine learning and/or artificial intelligence, to predict non-compliance during personal insolvency/bankruptcy. We trained a neural network to sort through the data that we used, and was able to create a website that can showcase basic insolvency dat...

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Congestion Management System

We will use historic data sets that cover parking duration/occupancy, pedestrian traffic, congestion maps, and air quality, to establish a base line for congestion in the Noosa’s Hastings Street area. We will then develop vehicle counters to collect data in real time, to provide a live feed on ca...

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Markdown is our project which is both an open api platform and a proof of concept application built on this platform. **SSApi Open Data Platform** SSApi is an open data platform built using existing open data sets. It allows any organisation or individual to query for senior and companion c...

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Little Rubbish

Given the enormous problem of fast food packaging being littered all over Queensland, in our parks, streets, forests, waterways, beaches and oceans: this is causing enormous damage to our environment and health of our communities, as well as costing us millions of dollars in clean-up costs. Ou...

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Project 4680

Community solution that reduces litter, creates healthier communities and increases regional development.

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A story of cables and cars

My Bruce Highway anti-congestion scheme - this is a data story of cables and cars.

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Governments are good a regulating business but bad when it comes to providing guidance. It is on everyone's radar to grow the economy in areas of high demand or future need, but there is no real way of individuals knowing what will work where, so of all companies that start up, half fail within t...

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Academic Connect

This project aimed to address the lack of collaboration between government, universities and industry to encourage innovation.

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