Out of the Box - New take on data for regional development

Jurisdiction: Queensland

Use an existing data set outside its normal context to both display and encourage innovate solutions to regional problems and promote and foster regional economic development.

To encourage regional entrepreneurs to utilise existing datasets to access or provide goods and services that contribute to improved regional employment opportunities.
Provision and translation of relevant environmental/meteorological data or forecasts which will improve efficiency and safety and or reduce detrimental impacts of agricultural activities
Provision and translation of relevant demographic/economic data which will assist in the targeting of government services to regional constituents.
Provision and translation of relevant demographic/economic data that can be used to assist in the marketing or product development phase to assist in the establishment sustainable and profitable enterprises or commerce in diverse regional communities.
The use of data to boost the efficiencies of rural and regional enterprises enabling them to compete with metropolitan centres.
The combining of both terrestrial and marine related data sets to facilitate either social, environmental or commercial outcomes.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Queensland.

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