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QLD Government Service transaction Behaviour and Preference Discovery

We are keen to resolve the problems that are related to our daily life. We love to play around with data, getting insight into data. The interactive dashboard is published on: https://public.tableau.com/profile/gavin1686#!/vizhome/Govhack-Draft3_0/DemographicDashboard The source code are p...

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Chain IP

We use smart contracts and the EOSIO Blockchain Virtual Machine platform to create a better way to handle IP Rights data. This is a proof of concept only, as it is unfeasible right now to push smart contracts to the main EOS network (and we're definitely NOT using the mainnet), and instead adv...

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OneGov - IP

As IP applicants are inconsistent with providing their details, IP Australia have duplicated records and misidentified businesses Our solution OneGov is an intuitive search system that integrates from sources IPAustralia. The search engine has been designed using natural language, guiding ...

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# IP-identity **Can we construct a clean, fault-tolerent, distributed, borderless, IP ledger?** Yes we can! But wait, there\'s more! This decentralized database inherently will not allow duplicates. Such an application is mathematically invalid and will not succeed. With blockchain, we have...

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Dedupe me

Machine learning based entity resolution to the rescue

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