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Team Cabanossi

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Deddy and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

Project Description

We use smart contracts and the EOSIO Blockchain Virtual Machine platform to create a better way to handle IP Rights data.

This is a proof of concept only, as it is unfeasible right now to push smart contracts to the main EOS network (and we're definitely NOT using the mainnet), and instead advocating for the Australian Government to come up with their own Blockchain Network.

Preferably the nodes would be scattered throughout government institutions and universities, which would lead to a nigh-indestructible-untamperable and extremely resilient database, very useful for many use cases within the government.

In this presentation we present the use case as applied to IP Australia's current problem.

Data Story

We've talked a bit with the IP Australia team over how we could transform their current data into something more consistent (duplicated customers data).

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Team DataSets

IP Australia Dataset

Description of Use We've consulted the descriptions inside, and spent a _lot_ of effort talking with the team

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Matching Applicants

How could the same business applicant be identified across multiple datasets, and over time? How could we do this in new, or interesting ways?

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Urban Heat Challenge

How might we better use this data to communicate the urban heat challenges of Parramatta, and how might we improve on this in Parramatta LGA during summer?

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Transforming Ultimo

How can Ultimo transform sustainably into an entrepreneurial/innovation precinct? How can we determine what support entrepreneurs need to succeed?

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How can we leverage transformative digital technology concepts (smart cards, mobile apps, NFC) and expand on the concept behind MyGov's centralised Government service architecture to promote self-service capabilities for other commercial organisations?

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Bounty: Making open data more open.

How can open data be presented on to make it easier and friendlier to use? Does this mean making it more similar to using standard search engines, like Google, or something else entirely?

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What do you want from government data challenge?

How should NSW government best provide data to the developer community? Show how our data can be made more usable for developers. What quality or format or standardisation issues does government need to fix or to consider? What developer community needs does the government need to support better?

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How can open data be used to make a social impact, contributing to the betterment of society? How can we improve prospects for children, and education, using open data? What sort of impact can be made on homelessness, mental health outcomes, or the environment, using open data?

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Chatbots are the Future

How can we effectively engage with open data using Chatbots?

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Bounty: Integrating AIHW

How can we integrate AIHW and other data sources in interesting ways?

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Bounty: Finding all the like needles in the haystack

We are looking for your best and brightest ideas to help us identify the same business applicant across datasets and over time

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