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Machine learning based entity resolution to the rescue

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Databases somehow always end up with duplicate entries but we can solve that using machine learning based entity resolution (a.k.a record linkage, fuzzy matching, etc).

Entity resolution typical requires:
1) Deduplication (removal of exact copies of records)
2) Record Linkage (records that may reference the same business)
3) Canonicalization (ensuring data with more than one representation are in a standardised form)

Only steps 1 and 2 were addressed during this challenge of which out of 47404 records, 1920 unique businesses were identified using csvdedupe (

Perhaps you can even use this during form filling and validation to reduce any further duplicates.

NB. Using Excel for step 1, and csvdedupe for step 2 which is simply a CLI program the only evidence of work is the training data generated by the program.

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IP Australia Govhack 2018 sample data

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Matching Applicants

How could the same business applicant be identified across multiple datasets, and over time? How could we do this in new, or interesting ways?

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Bounty: Finding all the like needles in the haystack

We are looking for your best and brightest ideas to help us identify the same business applicant across datasets and over time

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