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Askar and Sebastian

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Joe’s Adventure is a short animation targeted at youth and children about an immigrant from the UK who comes to Australia in the late 18th / early 19th century. It is an attempt to narrativize some of the data in the Queensland State Archives, and present it in an easily digestible format for children and youths. It highlights the dynamic nature of immigration, and how it has changed over time in Queensland.

Data Story

Data from the Queensland State Archives, in particular "Register of immigrants, Brisbane 1885 to 1917", was analysed, and the narrative was formed from this set.
Data from the ABS, and also from Department of Home Affairs, were used to collate, clean, and curate the data on immigration, place of birth, and population in Queensland, and this was used to support the story and teach the audience about our state.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Historical Migration Statistics

Description of Use Migration rates and proportions

Data Set

Table 68. Population, sex and country of birth, Qld, census years, 1861 - 1891

Description of Use Used for proportion of population born overseas

Data Set

Australian Historical Population Statistics, 2014 - Country of Birth

Description of Use Used for proportion of population born overseas

Data Set

Table 1. Population by sex, states and territories, 31 December, 1788 onwards

Description of Use Showing Queensland Population over time

Data Set

Register of immigrants, Brisbane 1885 to 1917

Description of Use Data used to form the narrative of the animation.

Data Set

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