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Jurisdiction: Australia

How could the same business applicant be identified across multiple datasets, and over time? How could we do this in new, or interesting ways?

IP rights data have duplicated records and misidentified businesses because applicants are inconsistent with providing their details. We also harmonise IDs for each dataset in isolation.

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

GovHack 2018 – IP Australia

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Team Cabanossi - Chain IP

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Blockheads - IP-identity

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Askar and Sebastian - Joe's Adventure

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0pt1c N3t - New age Business

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Byte Me! - Project 342

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TinyIdeas 💡 - Dedupe me

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Go Go GovHackers - IP - OneGov - IP

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TeamYFam - The Papa Project - Helping Oldies be Goldies

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