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From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems

## Objectives This project integrates spatiotemporal statistical models and machine learning methods for predicting future ocean climate and environment scenarios and the decision making for marine ecosystems. ## Methods (1) Geostatistical methods are used for spatial prediction of variables...

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Save lives with Data

We created a bubble map across Australia to showcase the mortality rate and build a chatbot were people can access it 24/7

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Xtra Jobs

Problem The number of unemployed people in South Australia is quite high. South Australia has the highest rate of unemployment among all the states of Australia. One reason behind this is the problem coming from the jobs demands and supplies provided in South Australia. Sometimes, people’s skill...

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Weather Intelligence Solutions

Are the smart decision-making tools that Businesses and Government use are Smart Enough? Outliers is a team of Smarts from the Smarts. We provide insights to various industries all over the globe and facilitate Data Driven Weather Intelligent decision making. We achieve this by using Inter-Disci...

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Map it your Way!

A toolchain to produce customised maps for loading into a Garmin GPS for specialised uses. An example is provided for the CFS to use as a replacement/supplement to existing Emergency Services Map Book and Group Response Plans.

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OneGov - IP

As IP applicants are inconsistent with providing their details, IP Australia have duplicated records and misidentified businesses Our solution OneGov is an intuitive search system that integrates from sources IPAustralia. The search engine has been designed using natural language, guiding ...

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# IP-identity **Can we construct a clean, fault-tolerent, distributed, borderless, IP ledger?** Yes we can! But wait, there\'s more! This decentralized database inherently will not allow duplicates. Such an application is mathematically invalid and will not succeed. With blockchain, we have...

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Virtual Emergency Management

<p>Thick black smoke chokes the city, as fire moves in from the West. Emergency vehicles race to the fire front, as residents, schools and businesses prepare to evacuate. As embers begin to fall on the outer suburbs, everyone's next decisions are crucial.</p> <p>Situational awareness is paramo...

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Crowdsourcing data audits

CrowdQuests is a game which has quests and missions to encourage physical activity and learning about points of interests. The quests are designed for: &nbsp;<br/> * Learning about locations * Crowdsourcing data updates * Crowdsourcing new information * Knowledge about problems * Encourag...

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This Place

Many residents of Australia hear a "Welcome to Country" or "Acknowledgement of Country" at events, but do not understand its deep significance, or the importance of country to Indigenous Australians. Many people are unaware of just how many diverse Indigenous nations and peoples exist in Australi...

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The project aims to empower government, companies, social groups and individuals to make their well informed big decisions through existing Gov data. Government makes decisions every day—with long term consequences such as the location of a school, or on a small scale such as the rostering of hel...

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Space Project Proposal

This video is about nasa , spacesuit technology with my rocketship design.

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My Two Cents

My Two Cents is about you having the voice to be heard and enabling others to do the same. Have you ever had an issue with a local service but no where to turn? Some people do not know off the top of their head which council or department manages services, we want to change that. With My Two Cen...

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Academic Connect

This project aimed to address the lack of collaboration between government, universities and industry to encourage innovation.

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Game of Throwns

# Spring is coming for recycling We have a waste crisis. Only 32% of Victorian household non-garden bin content is recycled, according to Sustainability Victoria. It is everyone's problem: manufacturers and retailers; household consumers; and waste managers. Despite the means to do so much ...

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