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Harshitha Rajashekara and 6 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Many residents of Australia hear a "Welcome to Country" or "Acknowledgement of Country" at events, but do not understand its deep significance, or the importance of country to Indigenous Australians. Many people are unaware of just how many diverse Indigenous nations and peoples exist in Australia. We have designed a site combining Australian Open data such as native title and significant Indigenous locations with a new idea - community curated Acknowledgement of Country in languages other than English. We intend to extensively SEO the site to attract curious people searching for terms such as "acknoledgement of country", "aboriginal land" and LOTE terms. This will allow all Australians, no matter how recently arrived, to acknowledge the custodians of the land and understand and explore their connection to Country.

Data Story

We utilise a range of seed and geographic data along with OpenData from other sources such as and wikidata along with a newly generated community language dataset for acknowledgement of country. We provide feedback mechanisms on Australian data sources to allow indigenous citizens input into how and what is presented.

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Team DataSets

NSW state heritage register

Description of Use locations of site significant to indigenous australians

Data Set


Description of Use add "read more" links

Data Set

australian heritage database

Description of Use 20000 national sites of interest

Data Set

Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) Web Services

Description of Use add contect to country

Data Set

native land

Description of Use supplies name of indigenous nations based on geocode data

Data Set

Indigenous Protected Areas (IPA) - Dedicated

Description of Use Context for Country

Data Set

Commonwealth Heritage List

Description of Use added context for indigenous info

Data Set

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