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TAX Mate

#Summary: TAX Mate is a solution for both tax residents and the government. For tax residents, the app provides an easy access to the nearest ATO help centres. It optimises the ATO’s resources allocation process and placement of help centres. We design the solution as a result of available ope...

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The AiTO is a new and more user friendly way of interacting with people. This is done in two ways, * Firstly via strategically located help centers to allow more people easier access to the service. * Secondly with our Speech analysis retrieval assistant or SARA for short, Sara is designed to...

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The Four Musketeers

Unleash the power of machine learning to predict the causal factors of noncompliance. The team delivered learning Algorithm model to predict the risk of noncompliance on case by case basis.

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The idea is to create a profile of people and offer suggestions to better serve the customer. This is designed as an internal tool to be used by the call centre as well as client facing support workers to help answer questions. As the system is used the system will start to learn and be better ...

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Project Glad You Bot It Up

Everyone's life is always busy. You have to take care of your family, your finances, your jobs and relationships. The last thing you want to worry about is contacting agencies for help and find out that you have to wait on the phone line to even talk to someone to solve your issue. Our solutio...

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Placeholder combines multiple data sets, NSW spatial APIs, simple natural language processing and both web-based and physical visualization to help the ATO make better make decisions about where services to its more vulnerable clients should be focused in the future. For our physical visualiza...

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TaxHelpCenter AI

**We used machine learning to calculate the predicted impact of adding a new tax center at any particular postcode.** The impact was measured in terms of the number of tax returns filed and the total, which hopefully allows the ATO to identify the best locations for new Tax Help Centers which...

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Go Go Tax (GovTax)

GovTax helps verify if the ATO has optimised the location of Tax Help centres to benefit the intended clients.

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Using ML to identify which individuals will commit insolvency by creating a compliance risk model and visualizing the results.

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Discover Melbourne AR

Focused on helping people with ESL, to find like-minded communities, events and services. Focus is to design an app that transcends languages.

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Safety Net

App that educates people about being scammed, with a gamified aspect.

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Presolvent uses data from the Australian Financial Security Authority, in combination with ATO data to help predict when non-compliance might occur. High-risk individuals identified by Presolvent can be given additional support and guidance about managing their finances, agreeing only to appro...

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Tax Help Helper

We are a team of data analysts in Brisbane whose membership is comprised of Brendan Sulivan, Mathew Taylor and Luke Ginn. Our project is called Tax Help Helper and we believe this is the solution to ‘The Friendly ATO’ and ‘Tax Return Help Centers’ challenges. Problem: Without previous exper...

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Searching to Build

We believe that access to real-time data will aid disaster relief services and assist in the rebuilding and management of past present and future assets. We believe that in emergencies, consistency is key. Consistency in data and communication holds the keys to successful asset management and mo...

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Machine Learning

Hi, we are the pengunz and our project encompasses three Govhack challenges relating to the implementation of machine learning algorithms into data-sets to better achieve results. Machine learning is the use of a variety of algorithms to conduct in-depth analysis of data-sets to fit specific r...

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