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App that educates people about being scammed, with a gamified aspect.

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When doing our research we found alarming stats on the number and the dollar value of scams and phishing attacks, and we've all had family who has asked us to take a look at an e-mail because they thought it was legitimate. The data shows us that education is more important than preventing scams at their source, and we used that data to form our idea of educating users through examples and interactive learning. Our resident educational scammer, Sam, would be built out using machine learning and natural language processing to create a truly personalised and realistic introduction to scamming and how easy it can be.

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Team DataSets

Gov Hack 2018

Description of Use The following data is listed on the ATO's website, identifying information scammers require for identity theft: accessing your bank accounts taking out loans in your name lodging false tax returns or BAS statements claiming Centrelink or other government benefits accessing your client or employee records gaining access to your superannuation. As we ask for a user's postcode, we hope to use this data to target key areas that the ATO could have a presence. Since a high percentage of elderly people are targeted, and currently Chinese people with recent scams, face-to-face and telephone support would be a high priority.

Data Set

Consumer Affairs Victoria - Web based information and advice

Description of Use We wanted to find out where people are getting their information, especially if it's online or via social media. It was interesting to see how many people also visited the MoneyHelp website - another potential avenue for our target demographic.

Data Set

Identity Theft

Description of Use Supporting the educational data we have used within the app.

Data Set

Romance Scam Data

Description of Use Supporting the stats we found on to find out where people are being scammed and how. Breaking down the demographic further also helped us identify people to target the app to.

Data Set

Community Interest and Engagement with Science and Technology in Victoria Data

Description of Use Researching the attitudes of Victorians towards technology, to see if lack of education is due to lack of interest. We recognise the data is quite old, but it was a useful starting point - especially with the interview questions used - to delve deeper into the issues of being scammed.

Data Set

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