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Alex and 4 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The idea is to create a profile of people and offer suggestions to better serve the customer.
This is designed as an internal tool to be used by the call centre as well as client facing support workers to help answer questions.
As the system is used the system will start to learn and be better able to surface information that will be useful.

Data Story

This tool is designed to be an internal tool used by staff to better handle calls and in person requests for more information.
As the basic information is collected the system will build up a profile of that user to surface questions and answers that are likely to be relevant to you.

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ATO Website

Description of Use Example information of questions and answers were taken from the ATO website.

Data Set

Download Individuals by occupation state and postcode

Description of Use This spreadsheet contains ratio's of different types of workers by postcode. This ratio can be used as a guide as the questions someone working as a Labourers may ask are likely to be different to a question a question someone that is a manager will ask allowing the system to customize the experience.

Data Set

Gov Hack 2018

Description of Use This contains information from the ato providing income by postcode. This also contains data extracted from the ABS providing further information by postcode.

Data Set

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Bounty: Tax Help Centers

Looking at how the ATO could use artificial intelligence or machine learning to locate the best locations for Tax Help Centers

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The Friendly ATO

How can the ATO use artificial intelligence or machine learning to better understand and develop ways to engage with our clients?

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