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Focused on helping people with ESL, to find like-minded communities, events and services. Focus is to design an app that transcends languages.

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One of our group members was in China last week and she felt completely lost - no English on signs or buildings and very little English spoken by the locals. We know how hard it can be to navigate a new country when you don't speak the language, and the rich multiculturalism of Melbourne results in a huge number of tourists visiting our city. We took as many geo-location data sets as we could find from free wifi, to green spaces, activities, and public transport routes, and combined them in to an app that helps as much as possible in the users own language, and through the method (2D map or 3D AR) they are most comfortable with. We also tapped in the Wikipedia knowledge base by providing links to landmarks and other locations in the users own language. Our goal is to also incorporate live translations via camera as well as a quick voice translate, where you can press a button to record speech (in either your language or the city's local language) and that will be translated to text, so you can quickly communicate with a local.

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Team DataSets

PTV Timetable and Geographic Information - GTFS

Description of Use Providing data for Public Transport available across the state

Data Set

Landmarks and places of interest, including schools, theatres, health services, sports facilities, places of worship, galleries and museums.

Description of Use Helping provide points of interests to both help people navigate and find somewhere new to go

Data Set

VicFreeWiFi Access Point locations

Description of Use Providing public free wi-fi location data across the state to ensure people have a connection when they need it. While data isn't always free, this wi-fi sure is

Data Set

Gov Hack 2018

Description of Use This data was used to support the idea of communities. By identifying demographics by postcode, communities can either be created by government (using existing support services) or by trusted community members. Having a support system when living in Australia is important, and by extension, allowing services to be more accessible helps integrate people into life in Victoria. We are also hoping the data collected from the app helps with decision making for services such as Tax Help Centers.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Victorian Multicultural Atlas

How can we leverage mobile technology and free Wi-Fi to present point of interest data alongside immersive information to help citizens from non-English speaking backgrounds navigate their local environments and learn about the rich history of Victorian public spaces?

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The Friendly ATO

How can the ATO use artificial intelligence or machine learning to better understand and develop ways to engage with our clients?

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Bounty: Tax Help Centers

Looking at how the ATO could use artificial intelligence or machine learning to locate the best locations for Tax Help Centers

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