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Team ‘Uno Future’ have created ‘Uno’. Uno is a simple way for businesses and people to come to together making what they are already doing much easier! Uno uses Near Field Communication (NFC) which is already in more than 60% of mobile phones in Australia to collect data from events and tra...

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Create web app which visualizes the locations of safety data, cctv and public lighting, receives warnings and feedback to be sent to authorities, and features a distress signal function.

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OneGov - ID

Current government records are stored across many different legacy systems which don't talk together. This means that Federal, State and Local data may be misrepresented or inaccessible. OneGov ID is a responsive web app that allows you to interact with a number of different digital government...

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Chain IP

We use smart contracts and the EOSIO Blockchain Virtual Machine platform to create a better way to handle IP Rights data. This is a proof of concept only, as it is unfeasible right now to push smart contracts to the main EOS network (and we're definitely NOT using the mainnet), and instead adv...

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myCard is your one-stop solution for managing all your cards by providing you with a virtual wallet that can be accessed using your phone or an NFC card.

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We used BOM and Noosa Council datasets to perform a rough feasibility study for generating Noosa Electricity needs using the East Australian Current and modern hydro barges.

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Care Gov (beta)

Care.gov.au supports young carers to meet their responsibilities and build community whilst telling their story to government and service providers.

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The NFCup is a revolutionary device that forces drivers to put their phones away removing the threat of mobile distraction. It is linked to your drivers license allowing for you to check

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The Papa Project - Helping Oldies be Goldies

How can we help councils work through opportunities brought about by the growing population in Australia? In 2016-17 $17.4billion was spent by governments on aged care however people and their family in this senior age range often are unaware of all the services and programs available to them. ...

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MyGov Connect

An expanded concept of the MyGov platform. MyGov Connect, would promote users to engage in government and local council endorsed services. These services would be provided with an accreditation to inform users of this endorsement. Furthermore, use of these services will users to accrue loyalty po...

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