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How can we leverage transformative digital technology concepts (smart cards, mobile apps, NFC) and expand on the concept behind MyGov's centralised Government service architecture to promote self-service capabilities for other commercial organisations?

How can we expand on the concept behind MyGov in bringing the services of Government agencies (Federal, State, Local) together under “one roof”. Many commercial organisations are going through digital transformations to promote self-service capabilities. Can Government leverage some of the transformative digital technology concepts such as smart cards and mobile apps using NFC in providing a solution?

Most Australian adults will have a Medicare Card and Driver’s License in their wallet or purse – neither of these use the aforementioned technology. And many of us carry a number of other cards, licenses and so on that relate to various government agencies across the nation, examples of which include:
- Veteran’s Card
- Pension Card
- Seniors Card
- Fishing License
- Boating License
- Government registrations (e.g. registered building practitioner)
- Travel Cards (e.g. Opal, Myki)

There is currently no single mechanism where citizens can bring these Cards, Licenses, Registrations (and so on) together, so we continue to have overcrowded purses and wallets as a consequence.

How can we take a “One Government (OneGov)” approach to bringing these things together. Could smart card technology be used to store the required information associated with the cards in existence today? What about mobile apps and NFC? It is envisaged that the solution would be voluntary (to any avoid privacy/big brother concerns), so think about how people will register the various services on the card/app. And how would the various government agencies interact with the solution (e.g. open API/Microservices)?

Use any of the available data sets, from any of the government departments to aid you in your solution.

Good Luck!

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