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GovHack Admin: There are two links for evidence of work. This is stopping the below button working. Links are here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w_IJOBAMD-c2NgTzHUNw-IvCe19MVOzA; https://github.com/seanjen/seechange.git Introducing - seeCHANGE seeCHANGE is a simple interactive tool that ...

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Remember When

Creating an application which unveils the hidden story behind historical buildings, events and locations of significance. User location is tracked via GPS and as they approach a location marked on the map, it will be 'unlocked'. Once unlocked, a pop-up with information about the location will be ...

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Project 342

- Bin It App We want to change people's behaviour - get people to put their rubbish IN THE BIN! Using our in-app reward system and coupon rewards from in-app local business sponsors, our App is also to encourage people to dispose of rubbish correctly - recyclable or not. Using the data currentl...

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From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems

## Objectives This project integrates spatiotemporal statistical models and machine learning methods for predicting future ocean climate and environment scenarios and the decision making for marine ecosystems. ## Methods (1) Geostatistical methods are used for spatial prediction of variables...

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Health +

Health+ Is an application/service that is a downloadable to mobile devices, its intent is to improve the response of emergency medical services to the public, the GUI would be built so it would be easy for the user to understand and operate effectively. The layout has 5 buttons; maps, user manual...

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Project Airscape

Project Airscape is an application that lets you, the users, to track air pollution in Australia - and ideally find a correlation between air quality and ocean pollution.

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Machine Learning

Hi, we are the pengunz and our project encompasses three Govhack challenges relating to the implementation of machine learning algorithms into data-sets to better achieve results. Machine learning is the use of a variety of algorithms to conduct in-depth analysis of data-sets to fit specific r...

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