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Our Place

Our Place is a virtual mural that has been created with data collated from various data sets. The aim is to create a reflection of individual community issues such as homelessness, littering, air pollution and even the possibility of disasters and the communities resilience can be displayed. T...

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Littering is an issue that every Australian is aware of, and yet it continues to be a problem despite the millions of dollars spent in clean up costs each year. Alitternation is a web application powered by government data that aims to give Australians both the knowledge and motivation to cl...

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# DiscoVR We believe that to live a healthy and active lifestyle is to embody the spirit of adventure. DiscoVR allows users to live out new adventures around Australia in a VR environment, before living them out in the real world. DiscoVR empowers Australians to make better decisions, all...

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Markdown is our project which is both an open api platform and a proof of concept application built on this platform. **SSApi Open Data Platform** SSApi is an open data platform built using existing open data sets. It allows any organisation or individual to query for senior and companion c...

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Our product is an app, called HealthHack, that is integrated onto a smartwatch, for example a Fitbit or Apple Watch, that monitors health parameters including heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates. The user’s medical profile is created in the app as well as being synchronized with thei...

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Healthy Communities - Fitness and Community Portal

In this project we seek to create a map based website app which informs the community of fitness related events and venues in their local area. The app also provides a forum for people to meet to help support each other for mutual support.

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Historial Mirror

Australia’s history should be acknowledged and remembered, it can inspire a nation, educate next generation, also let travelers, immigrants better understand the background of Australia. In order to engage people with ANZAC, we designed a website let our next generation, immigrants, traveler...

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