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Littering is an issue that every Australian is aware of, and yet it continues to be a problem despite the millions of dollars spent in clean up costs each year.

Alitternation is a web application powered by government data that aims to give Australians both the knowledge and motivation to clean up their communities.

With alitternation, users can easily lookup objects via several methods, such as barcode scanning, image recognition and simple product lookups to find out what they can do with it. From there the site can show the user where the nearest receptacle for it is, taking the hassle out of doing the right thing.

Alitternation keeps track of all items disposed of, as well as where and when they were found. We hope to provide this data back to the government in order to empower their decision making about litter. With this data, we will be able to learn so much more about where people tend to litter, as well as what products and brands are the worst off. With this, the government will be able to make educated decisions to prevent future littering.

To incentivise use of our app, we’re complementing the incoming Container Refund Scheme set to launch in Queensland by giving users the ability to collect 10c when they scan, track and collect eligible litter items. Users who register with alitternation can cash in this credit when the items are handed over to an approved collection point.

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We've used two main categories of data, data that shows us the current state of littering in QLD ( and data that provides us with the existing resources to solve this problem ( +

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Team DataSets

Resource Recovery Centre locations — CSV

Description of Use Resource Recovery Centres are plotted on a map as potential places to deposit recyclables for the credit refund, pending the upcoming Container Refund Scheme.

Data Set

Litter auditing data from South West Queensland Litter Prevention Pilot Project

Description of Use This data was used to show at-risk areas of litter and add markers on the litter map

Data Set

Waste Collection Points (Gold Coast)

Description of Use Plotted on a map to show users where they can dispose of litter when they come across it.

Data Set

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